While we are more than happy to address any question at all about rugs either via telephone, in person, or through email, there are a number of often asked questions which you may find answered to your satisfaction below. 

Definitely. In fact, we recommend that you do so at no obligation whatsoever! Buying a rug without seeing it in your home can be a huge mistake. Frequently customers will take out four or five (or more!) rugs to see how they look in one’s home environment and lighting.

We have over 4500 hand woven rugs from which to chose. Our selection is here to see, feel, and even take home to try in your home. No picture can capture the true colors and pattern of a rug. This makes any comparison to online shopping meaningless. 

We carry traditional, transitional, and contemporary rugs in a huge variety of colors. Most traditional rugs tend to have borders and use timeless colors of reds, blues, blacks, and some greens. Whereas transitional and contemporary rugs will often be borderless and make excellent use of greys, browns, and the middle blues.

A machine made rug is made on a power loom and usually consists of synthetic fibers. Such rugs frequently do not lie flat or wear well. Cleaning is usually necessary after one year’s time.

Hand woven rugs are made by hand with a 9’ x 12’ rug being woven in approximately a year and a half. They are always made of wool or wool and silk. They need to be cleaned only every 10 or 15 years, as the wool naturally repels dirt and spills. They lie perfectly flat because of their weight, albeit we do recommend rug pads be put beneath them.

If a rug is being placed on a hard surface, wood or vinyl, we recommend a type of pad that we have in all sizes that keep the rug from moving. Likewise, if a rug is being placed on a carpet we have a different style of pad that keep the rug stationary. Both types of pad provide an extra layer of cushioning and prolong the life of the rug as well. 

We clean all area rugs thoroughly with cold water and a low Ph soap as opposed to some cleaners who just do a surface cleaning. Our charge is $1.50 per square foot and the cleaning time runs approximately a week and a half. 

Basically scooping up any food spills and then blotting with cold water will be sufficient. The dyes of a good hand woven rug will not run or be adversely affected by cold water. Do NOT use hot water ever when cleaning your rug, nor any chemicals. 

Hand woven oriental rugs are made in Nepal, Tibet, India, and to a lesser extent in China, Afghanistan, and Turkey. In earlier years, rugs were also woven in Persia and southern Russia.

We do a variety of repairs on hand woven oriental rugs where selvage or fringe repair may be needed.

Yes. Hand woven rugs will provide years and years of service with inestimable beauty. They will hold up and wear eight or nine times better and longer than machine made rugs. Albeit the initial investment may be higher than that for the purchase of a machine made rug, one will find that the true return in value over the years is far superior.