We are happy to provide many invaluable services to owners of fine area rugs. Hand woven rugs only require thorough cleaning every 10-15 years as they are naturally resistant to stains. Additionally, quality rugs will not suddenly unravel or require special attention.

Regardless of care and precautions taken, accidents do happen. This is why both cleaning and repair services are available to any rug in need. Simply bring in your area rug which requires attention to our gallery. One of our representatives will happily bring in your carpet from your car for inspection

Cleaning - $1.50 per square foot

This service is completed in 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. We will call as soon as your rug is ready to return home.

Repair - Varies

Simply bring the rug you wish to have repaired into our gallery and we will ascertain what the cost of repair will be.

Appraisal - Nominal

We are more than happy to provide an official appraisal of any rug for insurance, resale, or other purposes for a nominal charge. It is necessary to examine the rug in person, in detail in order to have the most accurate appraisal.

Proper Care - As Needed

Vacuum your rug as need with the air attachment of your vacuum (never the beater bar). In case of spills, apply COLD (never hot!) water or club soda to the area. Blot, blot, blot, repeating as necessary.